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436905_in_the_lab_1There is a vast body of research data accumulating on FIR, with much ongoing scientific investigation being conducted in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Results of these investigations show many hopeful and efficacious clinical improvements in patients receiving FIR treatments of various types. Clinical conditions being treated range from skin lacerations, teen age skin problems, scars and burns; to detoxification of the body from heavy metals, bio-toxins, and toxic gases; to increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues; to blood pressure reduction due to peripheral vessels dilation. Additional conditions cited in the medical literature include significant relief from serious sunburn; to detoxification in toxic electromagnetic poisoning; to therapeutic improvement in joint stiffness, sprains, muscle pain, and arthritis; to potential use in treating many dental conditions. Treating several serious lung conditions with FIR; reducing stress related syndromes and conditions; and reported positive effects of FIR in treating side effects of installing and wearing artificial limbs; simply add to the promising research to date. A book entitled: The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy, written by Japanese medical doctor, Dr. Toshio Yamazaki, is certainly one excellent resource for citing further possible clinical advantages of using FIR.

• What is especially exciting and positive relative to this field of scientific endeavor is the creation of a Japanese FIR Professional Association , Korea FIR Professional Association  and a most-recently incorporated Hong Kong FIR Professional Association (as of 8/11/06) .

Dr. Tsu Tsair Oliver Chi summarized the effect of infrared rays on the body in these words, “These rays are selectively absorbed by tissues needing a boost in within our tissues is associated with a variety of healing responses and may require a boost to a maximal level to ensure the fullest healing response possible in a tissue, which is being repaired. After boosting a tissue’s level to its maximum, the remaining rays pass onward harmlessly.”

Japanese researchers report various positive results in application to musculoskeletal cases:

  • TMJ Accel-Decel Injury Sequelae
  • Traumatic Arthritis Brain Contusion-accelerated healing
  • Low Back Pain relieved
  • Muscle Spasms-reduced or eliminated
  • Disc Protrusion-related Neuralgia Brain Contusion -accelerated healing
  • Tight Shoulders-relaxed /Muscle Tension -relaxed
  • Bursitis-eliminated/ Shoulder Pain-relieved or eliminated
  • Spinal Cord Shock-reversed/ Post-exercise Muscle Pain
  • Arthritis: Gouty, Rheumatoid-each substantially relieved or improved

• Medical practitioners make use of Infrared radiant heat to treat sprains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis and muscle pain,” according to McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.

Summary from Therapeutic Heat and Cold, 4th Ed., Ed Justus F. Lehmann M.D.
Generally it is accepted that heat produces the following desirable therapeutic effects:
—— It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues.
• Tissues heated to 45 C exhibit an increase of length in tissues when stretched.
• This effect would be especially valuable in working with ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, fascia and synovium that have become scarred, thickened or contracted.
• Such stretching at 45 C caused much less weakening in stretched tissues than a similar stretching at normal temperatures.
• The experiments cited clearly showed that low-force stretching can produce significant residual elongation when heat is applied together with stretching or range-of-motion exercises, and is also safer than stretching tissues at normal tissue temperatures.
• This safer stretching effect is crucial in properly training competitive athletes so as to minimize their “down” time from injuries.
—— It decreases joint stiffness directly;
—— It relieves muscle spasms;
—— It produces pain relief;
—— It increases blood flow;
—— It assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates, edema & exudates;
—— More recently, it has been used in cancer therapy.

Otto Warburg was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1944 for research concerning photosynthesis in connection with the chemotherapeutics of cancer and the use of rays. His research has shown that infrared impacts cancer.

Dr. Masao Nakamura of the O & P Medical Clinic in Japan has reported great success with the use of Infrared treatment for:
—— Whiplash Menopause Shoulder stiffness;
—— Rheumatism Sciatica Arthritis;
—— Insomnia Acne Ear diseases;
—— Gastroenteritis problems.

Chinese Researchers reported over 90% success in a summary of Chinese studies that assessed the effect of Infrared on:
—— Soft tissue injury Lumbar strain Sciatica;
—— Eczema with infection Cholecystitis-Pelvic infection;
—— Tinea Neurodermatitis Diarrhea;
—— Neurasthenia Pediatric pneumonia menstrual pain;
—— Periarthritis of the shoulder/post-surgical infections;
—— Facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) Frostbite with inflammation.

1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine Award Winners Murad, Furchgott & Ignaro found that nitric oxide gas, which is produced, by far infrared, is used by white cells to defend against tumors and allows healing to take place.

Dr. Valentino Fuster, past president of the American Heart Association, called the nitric oxide discovery “one of the most important discoveries in the history of cardiovascular medicine because it promotes expansion of the capillaries and allows blood to increase circulation in the affected area and to then reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Dr. Lon R. Horwitz reports in Augmentation of Wound Healing Using Monochromatic Infrared Energy; Advances in Wound Care; author’s unpublished research, that a FIR energy modality increases nitric acid in the blood and plasma of normal adult subjects. A 1999 publication by Dr. Horwitz strongly suggests that Far Infrared produces nitric oxide gas, which aided in the recovery of the five patients in a study, who could not get healing conventionally. They had various diabetic problems and were not able to heal, but they received the nitric oxide technology produced by the FIR, and healing took place for all of them.

When you apply FIR technology, these researchers report seeing healing results from the production of nitric oxide by the hemoglobin due to the reaction of the photons of the FIR on the enzymes, which produces the nitric oxide gas. The immune cells get into the area and the circulation is increased. Pain is reduced, and the area then is reported to have the immune cells necessary to get complete healing.

• The wide-ranging results of nitric oxide may pay off in new treatments for:
—— Atherosclerosis (a thickening of artery walls);
—— Septic shock (a dangerous drop in blood pressure);
—— Cancer.
The Infrared protocol has been instituted after conventional management protocols were shown to be ineffective in wound healing. The rate and quality of healing of these previously refractory wounds, following use of FIR energy, may be related to local increases in nitric oxide concentration. Increases in nitric oxide previously have been demonstrated to correlate with vasodilatory and anabolic responses.
Additional research has suggested that FIR heat produces therapeutic effects in the following:
—— Brain
Short-term memory reportedly improved/accelerated repair in brain contusions;
Cerebral hemorrhages healing with FIR both speeds up and is significantly enhanced.
—— Collagen Tissues
Helps Ligaments /Joint capsules /Tendons;
In Fascia Synovium, FIR allegedly increases range of motion;
FIR reportedly can assist in treatment of scarred, thickened or contracted tissues;
Can increase extensibility of collagen tissues.
—— Body Tissues
Reduces acidity in the body (FIR causes fruit to ripen faster by reducing acidity).
—— Nerves
Neurasthenia –FIR reportedly adjusts autonomic nerve function;
Reportedly FIR reduces over-stimulation of sensory nerves.
—— Cells
FIR attracts calcium ions to the cellular level;
FIR promotes adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane;
FIR stimulates enzyme activity.
—— Joints
Supposedly assists in reduction of swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow;
Purportedly decreases joint stiffness directly.
—— Pain Relief
FIR reportedly reduces neuralgia headache pain during menstruation;
May lead to increased endorphin production, which reduces pain.
—— Conditions Affected by Circulation
Reportedly increases blood flow by promoting dilation of capillaries;
Reportedly reduces clogged capillary vessels in hypertension arteriosclerosis;
Reportedly affects high blood pressure/low blood pressure in coronary artery disease;
Can reportedly reduce arthritis sciatica backaches;
Can be positive in treating hemorrhoids/nervous tension/diabetes;
May be useful in treating varicose veins/neuritis bursitis;
Can be effective with rheumatism /strained muscles/fatigue;
Can reduce stretch marks/menstrual cramps/upset stomach;
Can reduce negative symptoms of piles/poor peripheral circulation.
—— Cardiovascular
Fir may be effective in treating atherosclerosis (thickening of artery walls due to fatty deposits)
May assist with septic shock (dangerous drop of blood pressure)
—— Research by NASA in the early 1980′s led to the conclusion that infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flights. As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, and blood flow rises.
—— Inflammatory infiltrates, edema, and exudates
Reportedly reduces edema of the joints/inflammation of joints/tendonitis
Can positively influence sprain joint stiffness/peripheral occlusive disease
Can reduce the symptoms of gout
Can reportedly speed up healing / Reports of treatment with infrared have been so successful that hospital stays were reported to have been reduced by 25%.

—— Cancer
FIR has possible efficacy in cancer therapy/cancer of the tongue
FIR may assist in treating radiation sickness/seems to relieve signs & symptoms
Suggested efficacy in treating cancer pain/paid reportedly relieved in later stages of cancer
FIR heat can penetrate through the body and will reportedly kill cancerous cells
(Cancerous cells cannot exist if blood circulation is smooth. Good circulation in
the capillaries leave no room for a cancerous cell to settle down. (A cancerous cell
has to settle down so it can proliferate.) FIR helps capillaries to expand,
improving circulation. The cancer cell also has a weakness: heat above 42 deg C
can kill it. FIR heat can reportedly penetrate through the body and kill cancerous
cells. FIR treatment raises body temperature. FIR therapy can reportedly alleviate
pain and prolong life when conventional cancer treatment fails. Surgery,
radiotherapy and chemotherapy are considered detrimental to health, since they
are invasive treatments. FIR therapy and immuno-therapy are currently regarded
as non-invasive. FIR may be very beneficial).

—— Dentistry
Dr. John Tate, DDS, is quoted as saying; “I have used the FIR dome with over fifty high risk surgical cases without complication or dry sockets on 92% of the patient. They get what we call complete healing. The macrophages produce collagen necessary to stimulate the fibroblasts, and the tissue of the fibroblasts then will stimulate the osteoblast-which is bone. That is where the bone forms and it starts in the first three days – but it takes about six months for complete healing. The two main cells we need in dentistry and in surgery around the bone area are the macrophages and the neutrophils” (which are activated by far infrared heat).
“The macrophage is called the “pac man” of the immune system. The macrophage is a cell that engulfs and digests microorganisms. Everything starts with the macrophage – “macro” meaning big and “phage” meaning eater. So we have a big eater here. The tentacle on the macrophage grabs the staphylococci and a bacillus rod, and that macrophage extends a pseudo paw to get the bacteria that is now invading our blood!”

—— Immune System
FIR may assist in pelvic infection/post-surgical infection;
FIR may be an efficacious treatment in toe-and-finger-nail fungus;
[There is an immune response facilitated by the photons of the FIR technology that turns on the enzyme system, particularly the nitric oxide synthase enzyme. More white blood cells means greater immune function and resistance to disease and viruses. It is well established medically that this is the mechanism involved in the FIR technology. One autoimmune disease which may be assisted by FIR is Scleraderma (an autoimmune disease where collagen builds up and healing cannot take place because the circulation can’t get to the area due to the buildup of the collagen).]
—— Problems that may accompany aging and may be assisted by FIR treatment
Menopause/ cold hands & feet/high blood pressure
Rheumatoid arthritis/radiation sickness/sequelae of strokes
Leg ulcers/rheumatism/insomnia
Benign prostatic hypertrophy/pain which affects ability to sleep
Pain from a metal joint implant/speeds healing of joint implants
Compression fracture pain
—— Diseases of organs which may be assisted by FIR treatment
Duodenal ulcers/hepatitis gastritis
Cirrhosis of liver/hemorrhoids/asthma
Bronchitis/Crohn’s Disease/post-surgical adhesions
Gastric and duodenal ulcers/stomach ache/gastroenteric
Reduces density of uric acid/cholecystitis
—— Ear, nose and throat conditions that might be assisted by FIR treatment
Sore throats/earache/nosebleeds
Chronic middle-ear inflammation & infection
Tinitus chronic (one reported severe case cleared with 10 FIR treatments )
—— Respiratory conditions possibly assisted by FIR treatment
Chest colds/bronchitis/pneumonia
—— Skin conditions that may be assisted by FIR treatment
Clogged pores/poor skin tone/open wounds
Laceration/body odor/loosens dead outer skin
Eczema/psoriasis/aging skin
Rashes/removes roughness/improves skin tone
Nettle rash/neurodermatitis
Leg & decubitus ulcers improved, when previously resistant to other care
Dandruff due to increased blood flow through the scalp
Burns-scars and pain from burns and wounds are decreased in severity and extent. FIR therapy is used routinely in burn units throughout Asia.
Keloids-significantly softened and in some cases completely gone
Acne-FIR may open pores that have not been functioning in years
Sunburn – FIR radiations are the only antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation, according to Clayton’s Electrotherapy, Ninth Ed.
—— Musculoskeletal conditions possibly assisted by FIR treatment
Arthritis/Accel-decel injury sequelae /brain contusion
Lumbago/relieves muscle spasms/TMJ/arthritis
Cramping/whiplash/lumbar strain
Muscle tension/spinal cord shock/post-exercise muscle pain
Bursitis/muscle spasms/knee injuries
Abnormal nerve functions
Back, shoulder, neck and muscle pain
Facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)
Reduces muscle spasms as muscle fibers are heated
Great for warming up before exercise
—— Soft Tissue injuries which may be assisted by FIR treatment
Soft tissue injuries-promotes relief in chronic cases/accelerated healing in newer injuries
Auto accident-related soft tissue injury/cellulite
Aids in regeneration of tissue
Reduces soreness through direct action on nerve endings in tissues and on periphery.
—— Weight Loss may be assisted by FIR treatment
Direct excretion of fat. /burns calories/increases metabolism
Weight loss can come through the energy use needed to produce sweating
Cellulite (a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and wastes, which are trapped in pockets below the skin). FIR heat can be significantly more effective than other heat methods, due to the heat penetration being twice the depth into cellulite.

—— Possible reduction of fatty tissue
Two of the highest caloric output forms of exercise are rowing and marathon running. Peak output in these sports burns about 600 calories in 30 minutes. Infrared use may better this effect by burning some 900 calories in a 30-minute session. Thus Infrared might stimulate the consumption of energy equal to that expended in a 6.9 mile run during only a single session.
The cleansing and purifying benefits attributed to the traditional sweat lodges are now available for daily purification without the time-consuming set-up process that a sweat lodge requires. Various FIR domes and FIR sauna products may mimic the sweat lodges.
—— Exercise and conditioning effect
An infrared system can play a pivotal role in both weight control and cardiovascular conditioning. FIR products may assist people in wheelchairs, or those who are otherwise unable to exert themselves or who won’t follow through on an exercise and conditioning program to achieve a cardiovascular training effect. This also allows for more variety in any ongoing training program. Regular use may be as effective, as a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories, as regular exercise. For athletes, the FIR treatments seem to assist the oxygen-debt to be repaid more quickly. The FIR dome is great for warming up before stretching or starting any vigorous activity. Allow the FIR rays to pour right through your clothing until you just begin to break a sweat. Now you are pre-warmed for stretching, running, skiing in cold weather. This should help to prevent injuries.

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Apa yang dimaksud Serangan Jantung ?

Serangan jantung terjadi ketika aliran darah ke suatu bagian otot jantung terhalang. Jika aliran darah tidak bisa diperbaiki dengan cepat, bagian dari jantung tersebut akan rusak karena kekurangan oksigen dan bisa mengakibatkan kematian.

Serangan jantung adalah pembunuh utama baik terhadap pria maupun wanita. Tapi untungnya, sekarang banyak cara penyembuhan serangan jantung yang bisa menyelamatkan nyawa dan mencegah cacat. Perawatan sangat efektif jika dimulai jarak 1 jam setelah awal gejala.

Serangan Jantung sering terjadi karena sebuah kondisi yang biasa disebut Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Pada keadaan CAD, sekumpulan lemak yang disebut plak menumpuk selama bertahun-tahun pada bagian dalam arteri koroner (bagian arteri yang mensuplai darah dan oksigen ke jantung). Pada akhirnya, areal plak tadi menumpuk dan menghalangi aliran darah.

Jantung dan Pemyempitan Arteri Jantung

Jantung dan Pemyempitan Arteri Jantung

Gambar Jantung dengan jaringan otot yg rusak dan arteri yang tersumbat.

Saat terjadi serangan jantung, jika halangan pada arteri koroner tidak di rawat secepatnya, otot jantung akan mulai mati dan digantikan dengan bekas luka. Kerusakan pada jantung ini tidak terlalu terlihat, tetapi akan menjadi masalah yang berlangsung lama.

Beberapa masalah yang bisa dihubungkan dengna serangan jantung adalah gagal jantung dan life -threatening arrhythmias (detak jantung tidak normal). Gagal Jantung adalah sebuah kondisi dimana jantung tidak dapat memompakan darah yang cukup ke seluruh tubuh.

Tindakan cepat terhadap tanda-tanda serangan jantung akan menyelamatkan nyawa anda dan mengurangi bahaya terhadap jantung anda. Perawatan sangat efektif ketika dimulai dalam satu jam pada awal gejala terdeteksi.

Tanda-tanda dan gejala yang biasa terjadi sebelum serangan jantung adalah :

  1. Rasa sakit pada dada, rasa seperti tertekan, seperti diremas, sakit pada daerah tengah dada yang bisa terasa kuat atau ringan. Rasa sakit ini berlangsung beberapa menit kemudian hilang dan kembali lagi.
  2. Rasa nyeri di salah satu atau ke dua tangan, pungung, leher, rahang atau perut.
  3. Pernafasan terasa pendek yang berlangsung saat rasa sakit didada atau setelahnya.
  4. Tanda lainnya termasuk nausea (rasa sakit di perut), pusing atau pingsan, sering berkeringat dingin.

Jika Anda atau orang di dekat anda ada yg mengalami gejala sakit jantung, lakukanlah hal berikut :

  1. Telepon ambulan saat tanda-tanda mulai muncul.
  2. Jika gejala hilang dalam waktu kurang dari 5 (lima) menit, segera hubungi dokter anda.
  3. Usahakan menggunakan ambulan saat korban diantar ke rumah sakit, pada ambulan biasanya sudah disiapkan peralatan pertolongan pertama terhadap serangan jantung.
  4. Minum pil nitroglycerin dari dokter anda sesuai resep jika anda sudah dinyatakan punya sakit jantung.

Setiap tahun sekitar 1,1 juta orang di Amerika terkena serangan jantung, dan sebagian meniggal. Serangan Jantung adalah pembunuh utama baik pria maupun wanita di Amerika.
Solusi Sakit Jantung dengan cara alami

Jika anda merasakan gejala seperti diatas, segeralah melakukan berbagai pencegahan dan perawatan.  Serangan jantung dapat membunuh hanya dalam waktu kurang dari satu jam.

Salah satu alat kesehatan yang sudah banyak dipakai penderita jantung untuk mengurangi sakit jantung dan melancarkan peredaran darah adalah kalung biofir, anda dapat memperoleh informasi lebih lanjut tentang kalung biofir di Biofir Center Indonesia.

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